A2 Hosting Coupon Code 2021: Upto 81% Off & Reviews, Pros & Cons

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So you have a website, one that’s been designed to suit your preferences and customized according to your needs.

This is great and all, but are you using a free web host for it?

If so, you might want to reconsider—this is especially so if you plan on monetizing your content or if your website if meant for business purposes.

Whilst free web hosts do have certain helpful features, they can also be detrimental towards a website’s overall growth.

In fact, it can hinder your success and might even make your website rank low on search engines despite any efforts you make towards improving its SEO with a2 hosting coupon

Free vs. Paid Web Hosting – Which one is Best

Free Web Host Pros:

  • Lack of financial investment.

This is the most obvious benefit that comes with free web hosts—especially for beginners and those who simply want to give the whole process a try.

If you’re only experimenting for now and trying to understand how things work, this is definitely the best option for you.

It should enable you to get familiar with everything involved, without having to worry about losing money in the process.

The same goes for people who are only looking to publish personal pages such as blogs.

If you’re not thinking about monetizing it immediately then a free web host should be able to provide all of the basic features that you required.

There are also many blogging platforms that are offering free services; this includes: LiveJournal, WordPress, and Blogger. for more info read a2hosting review

Free Web Host Cons:

  • Free sites are usually saved in third-level domains

What does this mean for you?

Well, this affects your website in such a way that it gets ranked lower in search engine indexes. If your website is for personal use, then this shouldn’t become much of an issue.

However, if you want to monetize it at some point, then this would be detrimental to making that happen.

The domain you have is essential towards how much traffic your site can get and third-level domains are unlikely to be used by professional companies.

  • Slower speeds

As a rule, websites that are hosted on a free web host will work a lot slower than ones on a paid host.

Whilst this may not be an issue for some people, it can significantly affect the search engine promotion of the website and may even tarnish your business’ reputation amongst clients.

After all, people are always looking for efficiency and trustworthiness—two things that often go hand in hand for online businesses.

If your website isn’t up to par when it comes to loading speeds, there’s a great chance that you’ll lose clients before you really gain any.

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  • There’s no such thing as completely free

After all, your provider would still need to make a profit for the services they’re providing.

In this case, it is likely that they will be placing advertising on your website and its pages.

This can come in the form of banner advertising or contextual advertising.

You may not mind this, but things can become problematic if the ads are unrelated to your content or is for a product that you may not support.

  • No guarantees

Free hosting offers you no guarantees and very little control over your own website.

Basically, the website does not belong to you so the host has every option to block or even delete your website if they deem it unfit.

Since they have their own ads on your page, the energy you spend on creating content generates profits ONLY for your host.

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Paid Web Host – The Basics:


  • The ability to choose your own domain name.

If you’re a new business trying to establish yourself in an already saturated market, having the option to choose your own domain name, without another company’s attached to it, will certainly give you a boost.

Imagine having a business website with your free web host’s name attached to it, such a thing wouldn’t appear professional and may even turn potential clients away.

Remember, when establishing a business, one of your priorities is to gain people’s trust.

Free web hosts are often used in scam and spam sites—two things you wouldn’t want to be associated.

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  • Zero advertising restrictions.

Earlier, we talked about how free web hosts have full control over what ads they choose to display on your pages.

That every work you put into creating content and generating traffic is actually making them profit instead of the money going to you.

In this case, however, you’ll have full reign over what ads go on your website. Every bit of profit that comes from these ads would go directly to you

  • Full customization.

Aside from having control over the ads, you also have the ability to tweak your website however you want.

If you don’t want to rely on free templates and can do html coding yourself, a paid host would enable you to build your own website from scratch.

You can configure it however you want, making sure that you’re able to apply every technique that you have learned.

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  • The most obvious disadvantage would be the price.

Not everyone would have the budget for a paid hosting plan and not everyone would be willing to pay for it either.

However, there are cases wherein this is needed and sticking it out in a free web host only hinders the possibility of success.

At the end of the day, it does not matter how great or relevant your content is—if it’s ranked low on search engines then nobody’s reading anything that you publish. This is just fact.

Sure, paid web hosts don’t come cheap—but you will find basic packages that has all the essential features you need for quite an affordable price.


With an a2hosting promo code, you should be able to afford a startup package from the company or choose the upgraded version of it.

Point is, if you’re trying to make money online through your website, you will need to make an investment.

You just need to be smart about how to go about things—if you can get a discount on your first hosting plan, then grab that opportunity.

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