Common Things in Every Successful Bloggers That You can Follow

To be the best in a trade, you have to learn from the best. You have to look at what they have done and how they broke through the glass ceiling, understand the process, and master the ropes.

This is a strategy that works across the board. Your industry notwithstanding, your chances of success increase when you study and learn from the best in your field. In the blogging world, this means analyzing what top, successful or pro bloggers do and learning from them. Anyone who’s been able to make a living from blogging learned from a great blogger who carries themselves in a specific way and writes/ promotes their content in a unique way.

As you study the ropes of the game, here are some the things common with successful bloggers. These are the things you might want to emulate.


Top bloggers are consistent in their work. And, not just in posting content on a schedule but also in the quality of their work. These bloggers are consistently looking for ways of improving their content. Successful bloggers are also consistent in terms of their branding and other visual elements.


One of the first things you notice in pro-bloggers is their passion. You can see their passion in how they research their content and how they weave their words together. The passion for blogging is the primary reason why these bloggers are doing what they are and why they have made blogging million and billion-dollar enterprises.

And, speaking of passion, it’s worth mentioning that successful bloggers aren’t just blogging about everything and anything that comes to mind, they are passionate about a specific niche.

By focusing on a specific niche, successful bloggers have been able to create their own unique products. The only time you find a great blogger talking about another blogger’s product is when they are collaborating on a project or something along those lines.

This tells you that being a successful blogger is all about identifying opportunities and filling market gaps. Their tools of the trade include webinars, eBooks, as well as courses.


The big names in the blogging world didn’t get on top after a few months. And if you follow their content and stories closely, you will realize that these bloggers have persisted through tough times, and some of them might have contemplated blogging. There’s also the fact that they persistently worked on improving their writing skills. Though you might not see their first copies, the bloggers you admire didn’t start off successful.


Wondering how to be a great blogger that rakes in hundreds of thousands of followers effortlessly? Talk to your readers. Write as if you are speaking to a reader sitting across from you.

The greatest bloggers have mastered this art, and they talk to readers with their comprehensive blog posts and as well as social media posts. This level of communication is also seen in emails and comments left on their blogs.

The reason for this form of communication is that it gives readers a sense of community.

They have a social media strategy

You don’t become a sensation in the blogging world by hiding from social media. Big bloggers recognize the value of social media and use it as a tool to get content out to their audience.

But, posting isn’t all successful bloggers use social media for. They harness the power of social networks by sharing news of their day, sharing writing tips, or run contests, besides advertising their newest blog posts.

They value the communities they build

Successful bloggers understand the value of communities, and they constantly collaborate with other bloggers and creatives to device smarter ways of growing their communities.

You will also note that these bloggers take the comments section of their blogs seriously and they will leave replies to all comments.

The other things that successful bloggers have in common include: they are visionaries, they project positivity, they are experts in their niches, and they take blogging seriously. They also have a solid reputation in the industry, they have all the essential blogging tools, and they give credit where it is due. Lastly, they are great money managers who never stop learning, and they are great writers.


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