Leadpages Vs OptimizePress: Which One Best & Value For Money

Your landing page can determine your site’s success. It’s the first page your visitors see and is the one element that will either convert them or bounce them out. This is true no matter how good your content or product is.

There used to be a time when creating landing pages meant you’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars to web site designers for each landing page. Today, there are a number of tools that can help you create your landing page faster and cheaper.

Leadpages and OptimizePress – Two of the More Popular Landing Page Tools

There are quite a few effective tools that you can use for creating your landing page but Leadpages and OptimizePress seem to stand out from the rest based on features like ease of use, flexibility, pricing, and others.

Both are great tools and can get you started easily but each one has advantages that trump the other one.

In this article, we’ll touch both tools in terms of platform, being newbie friendly, mobile optimization, available pre-formatted templates, pricing, integration of mailing lists, SEO friendliness, usability, flexibility, and ownership.

We’ll go into the details on which excel on the features above to help you decide which landing page creation tool is the right one for you.

Overview of Leadpages

If you’re looking for a standalone service that is only not only powerful but offers full drag and drop support for creating land pages, Leadpages is your guy.

Leadpages offers hundreds of landing page templates that conversion-focused so you can get started right away. Or if you want to be more creative and thinking that a unique landing page is the way to go, you can also do so by starting with a blank page.

Creating effective and beautiful landing pages might seem like you’ll need some coding or design skills. Leadpages will prove to you that you don’t.

So how about mobile traffic coverage? With more and more people using their mobile phones for browsing the Internet, you should also cater to them. Don’t worry, Leadpages has got you covered because all of their designs were developed to be mobile-friendly.

Leadpages may be offering a standalone service which is platform independent but if you are more familiar with WordPress, they also have a plugin that helps you integrate with it.

Here are some features of Leadpages you may be interested in:

  • A/B testing has been greatly simplified
  • Create lead capture popups for your landing page
  • SEO-friendly means you stay at the top of the search ranks
  • Countdown times for your events
  • Easy to integrate with email marketing services

Overview of OptimizePress

WordPress has been around for quite some time now and it’s been a favorite with both personal blogs and business sites alike.

If you’re one of those early adopters of the WordPress platform then you may already have developed sites based on the platform and you may not want to switch platforms any time soon.

And here is where OptimizePress shines above the rest. This landing page creation tool has been developed specifically for use with WordPress.

That’s right; OptimizePress doesn’t support any other platform. It will only work with sites based on WordPress. Seems too stiff? Not so.

We’ve mentioned that WordPress has existed for a long time. This means that there are lots and lots of websites that use it so OptimizePress being usable only with this platform is not really an issue.

The major disadvantage – if you’re running a customized solution, OptimizePress can’t help you. But OptimizePress does have some great features that may win your favor in the end.

Like its competitor Leadpages, OptimizePress also allows the creation of landing pages that are conversion-ready through a simplified drag and drop landing page editor.

If you want to optimize your memberships, OptimizePress can help you set up online courses, membership site portals, and sales funnels that are well-structured.

In addition, OptimizePress designs are also mobile friendly so you won’t be missing out on conversions from that market.

Don’t know where or how to begin? Let OptimizePress’ 30 templates help you in getting started.

Here are other notable features that OptimizePress offers:

  • OptimizePress can be integrated easily with many email marketing systems
  • Integrate your analytics with industry leaders like Kissmetrics, Optimizely, and VWO
  • Offer exclusive membership benefits using drip feeding and locked content
  • OptimizePress offers both plugin and theme versions for use with WordPress

Comparing Leadpages and OptimizePress

With each tool having features that the other one doesn’t, how do we compare both tools? For this comparison, we’ll use the following baselines:

Usability – Ease of creating and customizing landing pages

Available Templates – How the templates of each tool compare

Flexibility – Can you use the tool for creating different page types?

Pricing – How much do you need to sell out for the features they are offering

Ownership – If you plan to quit the service in the future, will you still own the landing pages you created with the tool?


We have a clear winner here with Leadpages.

Both Leadpages and OptimizePress offer drag and drop designing services that are both easy to use. How fast you can set up your landing page with each tool determined which one takes the trophy.

Creating an attractive landing page using Leadpages literally only takes a few minutes. You can easily change pictures, text, and other objects in your page with the user-friendly interface.

You can also manipulate the forty plus elements offered by OptimizePress but it might consume more time.

Verdict: If you want to setup great-looking landing pages as easily and as quickly as possible, go for Leadpages. If you have time in your hands, you may consider either one.


Leadpages offers more than 350 templates while OptimizePress only has above 30 templates? Do you see Leadpages as the runaway winner here? Look again.

Leadpages boasts of 350+ templates that are available and span categories such as sales, webinar, opt-in, thank you, upsell, and pre-cart. But less than a hundred of those come free with your membership. If you see one that is not included, you’ll need to shell out between 10 to 15 dollars for each template.

OptimizePress members get 30+ templates with the subscription but they also offer the OptimizePress Marketplace. You’ll have access to hundreds of templates spanning categories like the ones mentioned before for Leadpages and even more. Like the additional templates for Leadpages, each extra costs $10-15.

Verdict: Leadpages may trump OptimizePress with the 100 free templates compared to 30, but if paid templates are included both offer similar variety and amount.


There might be no clear winner for this feature. Each one is flexible in given areas while too stiff in others.

If you are not using WordPress or planning to use other platforms for your landing pages, the platform-independent Leadpages is the one for you. It can be used with any web system that you desire. If you don’t have an existing website, Leadpages can even host landing pages for you.

Landing pages are your take-off point but how about going beyond? This is where OptimizePress stands out. It lets you do membership sites and helps you set up a sales funnel that is completely functional.

Setting up a sales funnel using Leadpages is also possible but it’s not as straightforward.

Verdict: For multi-platform, it’s Leadpages. For membership sites or sales funnels, it’s OptimizePress


For most subscribers, this feature is the most important. And for pricing, OptimizePress is the clear choice when it comes to affordability.

A one-time fee of only $97 and you can use OptimizePress for up to 3 sites. Once you’ve paid $97, you don’t need to speed more. Well, not unless you want the $39 annual fee for upgrades and support.

OptimizePress also offers other packages with more features – the Publisher Package for $197 and the Pro Package for $297.

The cheapest plan you can get from Leadpages will cost you $37 per month. If you want to pay upfront for a whole year’s subscription, you’ll get a small discount but it will still be around $300 per year.

Verdict: OptimizePress if you want an affordable solution.


This is really important because you may want to transfer to another service in the future or be totally independent.

With OptimizePress, all pages that you create are yours forever. You host these pages in your own site, you own the content, and you don’t need to pay a single cent if you want to continue using them after opting out of OptimizePress’ services.

Leadpages actually host your landing pages even if they are integrated with your domain name. So when you cancel your membership with them, you lose all your pages. You don’t permanently own the pages you created with Leadpages. You only lease them.

Verdict: OptimizePress. No questions asked.

So Which One Should You Choose?

After all these comparisons of the features of Leadpages and OptimizePress, there is really no clear-cut winner.

If you have time for creating your landing pages or have an existing site based on WordPress, you should go for OptimizePress. It’s cheaper, offers the same range of templates, and your landing pages are yours forever.

If you want to work with platforms besides WordPress or just want to quickly create beautiful landing pages, choose Leadpages. You pay more but the interface looks and works way better.

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