Wpx Hosting Coupon Code 2021: Upto 80% Off & Reviews – Is It Best For WP?


Website owners have a right to be picky with the website platform they choose. It is what keeps their websites running and if there is any problem with the web hosting service provider, it is their website, and therefore their profits, that can get affected

Realistically speaking, no platform is perfect but what matters is that any issue is solved as soon as possible and that the website loads quickly for its visitors.

Up and coming websites need a platform that can handle traffic. If these characteristics are what you look for in a web hosting company, Wpx Hosting is a great contender. Try WPX Hosting Coupon

About Wpx Hosting

Wpx Hosting was originally founded in 2013 by Terry Kyle, an Australian entrepreneur.

The company was formerly called Traffic Planet Hosting, but was then switched to Wpx Hosting because Kyle wanted to share hosting to a bigger audience.

Kyle is well experienced in products and services since he has been doing it for the past decade.

Terry Kyle has been associated with online business since 1998. He claims to have worked with almost every hosting company available and therefore learned plenty of things about the web hosting industry.

Kyle felt like he could build a company with a better experience for users. He decided to create his own platform based on the frustration with past companies that he has associated with.

In fact, one of the most prominent problems Kyle had was the websites that the web host handled performed very slow. Kyle experienced frustrations with how some website hosting companies offer “unlimited bandwidth” for a cheap price.

However, websites under these low quality platforms crash especially when under heavy traffic. The platforms also provided complicated interfaces that only post graduates of computer science could comprehend, resulting in users having a hard time operating them.

Not only were they hard to use but they had a few selection of features to offer. Lastly, the customer service was unsatisfactory to his standards.

They did not offer round-the-clock support and the customer support representatives were not that knowledgeable.

Fortunately, Terry Kyle has progressed the web hosting industry with Wpx Hosting.

As a web hosting company, they set three main objectives to fulfill: first-rate page loading speed, user-friendly admin panel for the web host and expert customer support that is available at any time of day.

Plus, Wpx Hosting is in a proud partnership with the Dana Foundation which helps feed homeless dogs and tends to their medical needs.

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Plans that Wpx Has to Offer

There are currently three plans that Wpx Hosting offers business, professional, and elite. All of these plans include the following features:

  • a free staging area
  • hassle-free site migrations
  • unlimited SSLs for secure browsing
  • free Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) protection
  • malware removal and scans
  • manual backups, email
  • one-click WordPress installs
  • hosting locations in the United States and United Kingdom

The “business” plan is the cheapest plan, and is recommended for small websites that gather roughly 10,000 visitors a month. It is priced at $24.99 a month.

You also have the option to pay yearly, reducing the monthly price to $20.83. This bundle offers five websites, 10 GB of storage, and 100 GB bandwidth.

The most popular plan is the “professional” plan. It comes with fifteen websites, 20 GB of storage, and 200 GB bandwidth. It is priced at $49.99 a month, or $41.58 a month when you pay yearly.

Lastly, the “elite” plan is worth $99.00 a month, or $83.25 a month if you choose to pay yearly. It includes 35 websites, up to 40 GB of storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

Additionally, all plans include the Wpx Cloud feature. This is useful for websites that want their website to be available internationally.

This content delivery network (CDN) is made so that even though your website’s data center is located in the United States, visitors from outside the country can access it at a faster speed than usual through the nearest server.

It was custom made by Wpx and was built for web hosting.

Wpx Hosting Coupons

If you are still concerned about the pricing of the plans, it is recommended that you pay annually to save five dollars a month.

If that is not a good enough offer for you, BlogBeginner.com has provided a Wpx Hosting coupon code “BLOGBEGINNER” that will allow you to avail three bonus months free.

Not only are coupons available on third-party websites, Wpx Hosting typically offers their own promo coupon code discount.

By using a code, you can get as much as 25 percent off the first month of any of the hosting plans. This will give you one of the best deals for a quick performing web hosts. Check out their website for the latest promos.

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Advantages of Using Wpx Hosting

You may be thinking, “why should the speed of a website be important to web hosts?”

According to studies conducted, if a website takes longer than three seconds to load, 57 percent of its visitors will try another website.

Also, 80 percent of those visitors will never come back. Every second of waiting for a website to load is crucial. A mere second of delay could negatively impact conversion rates by about 7 percent.

People are naturally impatient and if the website is not up to par with their performance standards, chances are they will stay away from it.

Fast loading times are guaranteed with Wpx Hosting because they own high spec solid-state drivers (SSD) which let the servers perform well under heavy traffic.

Web hosting is made simple with the interface web hosts are provided. Not a lot of hosting platforms have this feature, making it a refreshing experience for beginners and experts alike. If you still are confused on how to perform certain things, customer service is always there to help.

Upon logging onto their website, a chat box will appear with a support representative available if you need assistance.

Clients will also have the option to access the knowledge base for guidance. Their response time averages at 60 seconds and their responses are straight to the point.

Disadvantages to Using Wpx Hosting

Sometimes the features that Wpx Hosting provides may be too much to handle, especially if you are running a small website.

It really depends on the website owner’s preferences and the audience that it caters to. Yes, you can settle for other platforms but doing so would also sacrifice performance standards and features.

Wpx Hosting is confident in the services that it provides for their customers.

However, if you feel that Wpx is not the right option for you, they generously provide their customers a “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” which will refund your money back. Just contact the Wpx support team for further assistance.


Wpx Hosting reviews scattered all over the internet bear high ratings. This is because they have made web hosting an efficient experience.

They guarantee high speed performance websites that could handle an abundance of visitors. Customer service is also speedy with their response and will not waste time by answering issues straight to the point.

Additionally, Wpx clients will be able to contribute to the Dana Foundation to help homeless dogs.

Considering all these features, Wpx Hosting is definitely a rising hosting platform to look out for.

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