How to Write Great Blog Post Comments to Increase SEO Ranking

Great content is engaging. And, the comments section of your blog makes that possible.

But, with engagement as an element that improves user satisfaction and a connection with a blogger’s audience, it makes sense to have a comments section, and an active one at that.

So, how often do you comment on that blog you haven’t missed in years? Are your comments adding value to the author’s writing? How do you tell them that you started blogging because they inspired you?

Blog comments are invaluable because they help you foster a community made of your biggest fans (and critics) and this community helps in making you a better blogger. One of the biggest benefits of the blog comments section is that the comments and questions raised often give you topic ideas. If you build a great community through comments, saying thank you often, you will become stronger.

With all the benefits that come from having an active blog comments section, how do you write great comments?

Keep greetings friendly

Even if you disagree with the author’s thoughts about a specific element in their blog, first acknowledge them with a personalized greeting. Then, professionally, address the matter brought up. Including the author’s name in the comment, is not only courteous but also makes the author feel good.

A friendly greeting starts you off on the right foot. If in the future, you wish to collaborate with that author, your friendliness will go a great way

Make a sincere compliment

People will always remember how you make them feel. Complimenting a writer for their unique and engaging writing style is as powerful as telling a stranger how much you love their hair, car or outfit.

Since you are reading their article, it means there is something you like about their work, and you might have some respect for them. So, appreciate their efforts with a compliment.

One of the best ways for you to write a sincere compliment involves sharing a positive experience that resulted from your reading their blog. You should, however, refrain from giving too much praise on the blogger. Focus on praising their work and point out something unique you’ve learned from their post.

Also, don’t be all over their space with comments – you might come across as creepy.

Write comments that add value

Greetings and compliments are appetizers to the main meal in the blog comments. To be outstanding at writing blog comments, your words should add value.

Adding value through the blog’s comment’s section is as simple as sharing personal anecdotes or insights, asking a thoughtful question, or contribute your opinions to the discussions.

If what you want to say doesn’t add value, it’s better not to mention a thing. This brings us to an important aspect of blog commenting – Read the blog post you are commenting on before you comment. The only way for you to write content that adds value to the author and other readers/ commenters is by knowing what you are talking about. Skimming through the article isn’t enough.

You have to read and understand every bit of the article to seek clarification or to ask any questions.

And, it doesn’t end there. You should also read the comments already made. Chances are; someone asked the same question you have, and the answer has been provided. Reading the comments also gives you new insights which you can share.

Pay attention to grammar and punctuation

Most of us are guilty of grammatical and punctuation mistakes. You might have gotten away with a few mistakes in the past but some webmasters are extremely strict, and they will not allow comments with grammatical or punctuation errors.

You don’t want that great comment to go waste because of a small error. So, proofread your content or use a tool like Grammarly for error-free comments.

Parting promise

At the end of your comment, mention that you enjoyed reading the blog and that you will keep reading, you will share or subscribe to their newsletter. This promise builds a potential long-term relationship.

Lastly, do not over promote yourself. Though tempting, do not use the comments section to promote yourself. All you need to do is add value to the ongoing conversation. As long as your comment is great, then you will get traffic and even a referral. Leaving a link is also a terrible idea.

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